iPhone update to iOS5

Posted by Sherri Graven on October 14, 2011 in Technology Woes |

So I updated today. Of course, I had to update iTunes first, a little scary, considering the last upgrade blue screened the computer. Oh, BTW, did I mention I have a Dell E6410, 64 bit? Oh, k, well I do, and the last update was a mess. ANYWAY :)


I LOVE IT!! Newsreader, I won’t use so much, but everything else, oh YEAH, WOOHOO! I love the separation of video. I like the reminders and the new Music icon, yeah, ¬†Smooth :)


Ok, 9 hours later (10 min ago), I tried to start the FB app. The Home Screen apps started blinking. Then an SMS box popped up, a friend request popped up, and Notes “new note” popped up, the Maps app opened, one after another after another, as if they were ALL starting. I started hitting Cancel Cancel Cancel Cancel. I couldn’t keep up. Ok, turn it off, yup, hit the button and hold. YES, it turned off.


Ok, starting back up, fingers crossed. ¬†It’s doing it again. I hit the Home button twice, to bring up running apps. Each time I click on one and hold (to turn off), it starts up some OTHER app!!!!

The apps won’t end!! AAAAAHHHHHHH!


k, turning off for the night.


This damn thing better work tomorrow…


  • Scott says:

    Yipes! I installed IOS 5 on my work iPad a couple of nights ago without incident. Hopefully it will work better today but that might be *extremely* wishful thinking. A reinstall might be the ticket but I’m not sure how you would do that with it acting up like that.

    Good luck!

  • Dan says:

    How did it go? Mine gave me an error half way through, but after running through a “restore” it continued on its way and seems happy now.

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