iPhone Knock-off (GSM Wifi Phone No. 4 I98 4G Dual-band phone)

Posted by Sherri Graven on July 13, 2011 in Technology Woes

So, my daughter wanted an iPhone and I didn’t want to spend the money for one. I told her to find a cheap one online and maybe I would consider it. First she looks for the iPhones, ha! $400. Then she looks on eBay for unlocked iPhones, ha! $300. Then she sees a GSM Wifi Phone No 4 I98 4G Dual-band. It looks EXACTLY like an iPhone, even the accessories look like Apple equipment. It’s $69.89. Ok, NOW they’ve got our attention. We notice it’s coming from China. We figured they probably make the iPhones anyway, so after looking over the specs, we buy one.

She was SO excited, she could hardly wait for it.Did I mention it was coming from China? It sat in China Exchange OUT for two weeks, then it finally made it’s way to my house. She opened the box and quick check, everything was there. WOOHOO! She was in her glory! 3 hours later, she HATES it!! “It’s just not the same,” she says, but she takes it with her.

Two days later she gives it back. She still hates it!

It so happens my husband shattered the screen on his Titanium Cliq the week before we bought the new phone. Once Jamie returned it, Dave grabbed it up to use while he got his fixed. The first night with the phone, I didn’t hear from him. The next night he calls. “This phone is a piece of sh*t”, he says. When he comes home at the end of the week, he throws it onto the table. “That thing is a piece of crap!”. Owen (my 6 yr old grandson) says “Where?”

Dave went on about the problems with the phone for about 20 minutes. I finally said, “I’ll see what I can do with it.”

Well, they’re right! Compared to the Apple iPhone, the knock-off is a piece of crap:

  • The camera takes dull pictures, the color is washed out. The camera itself, is slow to open and close.
  • The wireless says connected, but the phone does not get an IP (it doesn’t connect to wireless).
  • The screen swipe (to move screen left or right) is as thin as a pencil lead. Even using a stylus, it’s difficult to get just the right place to change screens.
  • The screen is a pressure screen, not touch screen, so you gotta PUSH the icons. If you push too hard, it displays a “joke” spider crack in the display. It’s annoying. You have to hit the Home button to remove the spider cracks.

So far, I have not figured out

  1. how to find OS version
  2. how to get an IP from WLAN (Linksys E2000)
  3. how to install apps (once I get the wireless working, maybe this will be easier to figure out)
  4. how to remove apps (no little x when icons are bouncing)
  5. how to load a video ON to it (the built in video recorder saves as .avi format, but every one I transfer TO via USB says “invalid video file”
  6. how to pair bluetooth (don’t know the pair code)
  7. how to reset to factory settings (don’t know the password)

Stay Tuned



iPhone update to iOS5

Posted by Sherri Graven on October 14, 2011 in Technology Woes

So I updated today. Of course, I had to update iTunes first, a little scary, considering the last upgrade blue screened the computer. Oh, BTW, did I mention I have a Dell E6410, 64 bit? Oh, k, well I do, and the last update was a mess. ANYWAY :)


I LOVE IT!! Newsreader, I won’t use so much, but everything else, oh YEAH, WOOHOO! I love the separation of video. I like the reminders and the new Music icon, yeah, ¬†Smooth :)


Ok, 9 hours later (10 min ago), I tried to start the FB app. The Home Screen apps started blinking. Then an SMS box popped up, a friend request popped up, and Notes “new note” popped up, the Maps app opened, one after another after another, as if they were ALL starting. I started hitting Cancel Cancel Cancel Cancel. I couldn’t keep up. Ok, turn it off, yup, hit the button and hold. YES, it turned off.


Ok, starting back up, fingers crossed. ¬†It’s doing it again. I hit the Home button twice, to bring up running apps. Each time I click on one and hold (to turn off), it starts up some OTHER app!!!!

The apps won’t end!! AAAAAHHHHHHH!


k, turning off for the night.


This damn thing better work tomorrow…

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